Are you looking to make your water change schedule fun and enjoyable…

… rather than a dreaded chore?

Want to remove fish waste from the aquarium without hauling buckets?

Tired of getting a mouth full of fish water each time you start the siphon?

Need to keep your substrate cleaner and safer for your fish in between routine maintenance?

Electric aquarium vacuums to the rescue.

These things are an incredible tool to have in your arsenal.


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Why We Love it:

  • Battery operated – works anywhere, anytime, cable-free

  • No buckets needed – cleaned water returns to aquarium

  • Fully submersible for tanks up to 3′ deep


Of all the electric automatic fish tank siphons you can buy, the EHEIM has got to be a favorite.  Powerful suction helps remove sludge, uneaten food and fish waste from the gravel for a healthier, cleaner aquarium. After cleaning, simply remove the cartridge and rinse in the sink to dislodge extracted debris. Can be used with both gravel or sand – even bare-bottom tanks. The hassle-free design is perfect for anyone looking to clean the bottom of the tank in an efficient, easy manner.

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Why We Love it:

  • Max 256 GPH pump for fast draining

  • Adjustable tube for shallow or deep aquariums

  • Anti-clog, easy to clean


Revolutionize water change day with this versatile, top-notch electric aquarium vacuum! This kit offers a selection of 6 multi-function attachable heads for different substrate types, suitable for sand, gravel, bare bottom aquariums (and even the glass sides and ornaments with the brush head) so you can find just the one for your needs. Nifty alert: you can even use the filter sock attachment feature to allow for filtering detritus while returning the polished water directly to the aquarium, just removing the solid waste. The shower feature allows for an oxygenating rain spray if desired, perfect in case of equipment failure. Easy to assemble with straightforward instructional video guides.

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Why We Love it:

  • Powered by electricity for super strong suction

  • Doubles as a spot cleaner or water remover

  • Very easy to assemble & use


Pumping 90 GPH of water, the motor is strong enough to dislodge and remove debris without sucking up the gravel. Many folks feel it is actually superior to the leading gravel vacuums on the market, and relying on the power cable for electricity rather than on a battery means you never have to wait for a recharge. Though it is not fully submersible like the EHEIM, many feel the trade-off to be more than fair due to the overall product functionality and quality. Even comes with a replacement screen included.

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Why We Love it:

  • 4-in-1 design: substrate cleaner, algae scrubber, water changer and waste extractor

  • Network grid prevents fish or gravel pieces from being sucked up

  • Adjustable flow knob to regulate pressure


This fully submersible electric fish tank siphon is sure to become your next favorite aquarium tool! Easy to use and clean, this system comes packed with a variety of features, from a built-in algae scrubber head to a filter sock to catch debris before returning water to the tank. This device can even be used to transfer new water from the bucket to the aquarium, eliminating the need for pouring messy buckets by hand. A nifty hose clip secures the tube in place while the end of the hose is designed to get into the extremity of the corner of the aquarium. Save your back and your time with this good quality vacuum that comes in at a comfortable price point.

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Why We Love it:

  • Budget-friendly, batter-operated vacuum

  • Reaches a max depth of 28″ (2.3 feet)

  • Double purposes for both filtering water and removing water


Cordless aquarium maintenance with a multipurpose design. Whether you need to do a water change or simply want to remove just the yucky stuff from the water, the adaptable IREENUO can do both. The adjustable height ensures comfortable usage on a variety of aquarium sizes. Powerful suction removes impurities from the water while helping to maintain a healthy aquarium environment.

Benefits Choosing an Electric Aquarium Vacuum

1. Clean out just what the filter can’t

Many electric aquarium vacuums can efficiently perform a revolutionary task…

… Removing solid waste only from the gravel.

Some designs have a filter sock that the dirty water passes through, leaving impurities behind, while returning clean water to the tank.

This is perfect if you just want to clean the gravel and don’t actually want to do a water change.

2. Safer Aquarium Environment

There’s no denying it:

Your aquarium gravel can get pretty gnarly in a short amount of time.

If your tank contains a typical inch or two of gravel without an undergravel filter?

Chances are it can turn anaerobic if left uncleaned.

This can leach toxins into the water that can harm our fish over time.

Cleaning the gravel routinely is an important part of managing such a fish tank.

(Note that even most tanks with undergravel filters still need regular cleaning…)

3. Clean Any Substrate

Bare bottom?



No problem.

Using slightly different techniques, you can use an electric aquarium siphon to rid your tank of unsightly detritus.

(Aka mulm, fish poo and uneaten food)

Some folks really wonder:

“Can you use an electric siphon to clean a sand substrate?”

The answer is yes, you just want to hover the vacuum above it without digging into it like you would with gravel.

Some people use a gentle swirling motion to lift up debris without disturbing the sand.

4. Vacuum hard to clean tanks

If you keep your fish tank on the floor, one of these gizmos is a must have.

Tanks located close to or on the floor can be tricky to use a traditional siphon that functions with gravity.

And using a Python can be overkill for a small routine water change or cleaning.

Now you can vacuum your floor tank to your heart’s content!

Wrapping It All Up

Now you know our suggestion for the best electric gravel vacuum for aquarium.

What do you think?

Do you use an electric aquarium vacuum for your tank?

Have any tips you would like to share?

Leave a comment below!