What better way to show your passion for goldfish than with a gorgeous pair of goldfish earrings?

I sure can’t think of one

So today I’m bringing you the cutest styles you’re sure to love.

These are sure to be what you need – whether you want to indulge yourself or give them as a gift to someone you know will appreciate them.

Let’s have a look!

Our Picks of the Top 5 Goldfish Earrings


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These cute goldfish bag earrings are both very cute and super funny! Each clear acrylic bag contains a little goldfish. Unique goldfish in a bag earrings to have in your collection even if you don’t keep goldfish yourself. Great for you, a sister, friend or other girlfriend!

Why We Love it:

  • People will do a double take when they walk by

  • Very unique and fun style

  • Perfect gift for friends or family

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A colorful touch of whimsy at a price that can’t be beat! The sweet little fishies in these studs have vibrant orange bodies that contrast well with teal crystal eyes and shiny golden fins.

Why We Love it:

  • Great detail for such inexpensive jewelry

  • Fantastic everyday earrings, not too large and not too small

  • Colorful and fun to wear

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These pretty vivid blue goldfish earrings will go just swimmingly with your outfit! Sterling silver studs hold sparkling aquamarine crystals in the shape of a fish. Perfect for any fish lover.

Why We Love it:

  • Attractive shade of teal

  • Made of sterling silver

  • Lovely shiny little crystals

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Something’s fishy about these darling little dangles! Great for those who like fancy tailed goldfish. These earrings are Silvertone Rhodium plated and measure 0.75 inch Long and 1 inch Wide. Rhodium is a rare inert silvery-white metal that is resistant to corrosion. Also available as a set with a matching necklace.

Why We Love it:

  • A fantastic choice for those who are into fancy goldfish keeping

  • Colorful orange and yellow with embedded crystals

  • Made of Silvertone Rhodium and comes included with gift box

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This dazzling set is the perfect gift for that special girl in your life – or even just for yourself! Brilliant Swarovski Zirconia crystals are set in rose-gold tone copper plated earrings, necklace and bracelet. A beautiful set at a great price point.

Why We Love it:

  • Comes with matching bracelet and necklace set

  • Ultra-clear, finely cut Swarovski crystals

  • Complete with adorable goldfish!

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No need to worry about taking care of these little goldfish happily swimming in their bowl! These super cute handmade goldfish bowl earrings are made of crystal clear glass cabochons and measure 12mm. Stainless steel studs are hypoallergenic. Definitely a fun pair to have on hand!

Why We Love it:

  • Fun and unique bowl style

  • Made of bright glass

  • Stainless steel studs

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If you’re a red cap Oranda or Lionhead goldfish fan, these are the earrings for you! The Cubic Zirconia in these looks nearly identical to diamonds. Very unique and adorable earrings for the fancy goldfish lover.

Why We Love it:

  • Brass metal plated

  • Dazzling diamond-like crystals

  • Possibly the only tancho goldfish earrings on the market

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These adorable earrings speak of simple elegance at an affordable price. Fantastic for everyday use or a special occasion, these comfortable studs will work with just about any wardrobe.

Why We Love it:

  • Detailed and well-made

  • Versatile earring option

  • Made of stainless steel

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High quality and vibrant red garnet gemstone earrings feature adorable goldfish set in sterling silver. Beautiful gift for any occasion!

Why We Love it:

  • Gorgeous garnet gemstones

  • Very well made at a good price

  • Stylish and elegant

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I wear these earrings almost every day. They are very comfortable and work with just about any outfit – and have held up well over the last few years I’ve had them. Best of all they don’t irritate my sensitive ears due to the high quality stainless steel! It comes in a high quality gift box and pouch.

Why We Love it:

  • Simple elegance with a versatile design

  • Cute little red crystal eyes

  • Comfortable enough for daily use

Tips for Choosing Your New Fish Earrings

It’s always so much fun to find your next goldfish accessory!

Here are some tips to consider when choosing yours:

  • Price – Does the cost meet the value of what you will be getting?
  • Material – Is the material something that will aggravate your ears if you have allergies?
  • Shipping – How long will the item take to ship to your door?
  • Gift wrapping options – Does the seller offer to send them in a pretty little bag or box?
  • And of course, Appearance – Do you love how they look (or just know who will get them will love them)?

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This post was full of “eye candy” for sure!

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