If you are wondering if your goldfish can eat Betta fish food, yes, they can, but with a few exceptions.

Fish food is generally labelled for the different species nutritional needs for the pure reason that each species of fish and to meet its nutritional requirements, as there is no food that can appropriately meet the requirements for each fish.

Betta food can be an occasional treat for your goldfish especially when they are still young and growing for optimal development, but for no means should be used as a staple, daily diet. The fats and other nutrient percentages will usually vary between Betta fish food and goldfish food.divider1- goldfish

Will my goldfish become ill or die from eating Betta fish food?

Goldfish will not get sick or die from eating Betta food. But it is in no means a good idea as an everyday or even weekly diet or treat. Betta fish food is generally safe for aquatic inhabitants, but this does not mean it meets other species of fishes’ nutritional requirements as an everyday, staple diet. In order for your goldfish to be healthy, it should consume a goldfish safe and appropriate food that is nutritionally balanced and healthy.

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Are goldfish carnivorous like Betta fish?

Goldfish are strict omnivores and consume equal amounts of protein and vegetable matter, unlike Betta fish who are carnivorous and consume a high protein-based diet that does not meet the right needs for a goldfish to have a healthy diet.goldfish divider

You ran out of goldfish food; will betta food be fine till you can get more?

Assuming it is for one or a few days, then yes, it will be fine for the meantime, but make sure not to overfeed Betta food to your goldfish. Keep in mind that if you run out of goldfish food you can supplement with fresh veggies like deshelled peas, tiny pieces of cucumber or  cooked and squished zucchini as a few options.

Why is it not a good staple diet?

Most quality Betta fish food contains a high amount protein, because they are carnivorous and is generally to be avoided as a main or significant diet for your goldfish. Betta fish require a diet high in pure meat-based protein in much more concentrated forms and with a higher percentage than is ideally recommended for your goldfish to thrive and be healthy both internally and externally.

Goldfish require a fair amount of fibre as they are quite prone to digestive problems, especially the fancy goldfish varieties (Orandas, Fantails, Ryukin, etc.). There are so many goldfish-safe foods on the market to meet your goldfish’s requirements.divider3 goldfish bowl


So, to bring this all to a conclusion, goldfish CAN eat betta fish food, occasionally, with minimal health affects if it is kept as a treat and NOT as a staple or everyday diet due to conflict between the fish’s nutritional requirements when it comes to keeping these different species healthy.

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