đź“™ This Goldfish Book Teaches You the 17 Secrets to a Long-Lived Fish

Unless goldfish are given the proper care they need, they aren’t going to make good pets.

Both you and your fish will be stressed out!

But there is so much conflicting information out there, and a lot of it is DEAD WRONG…

In fact:

There are loads of myths circulating about nearly every aspect of goldfish keeping (and about goldfish themselves).

Trust me.  I lost countless goldfish, despite:

  • Talking to pet store owners and workers
  • Joining online forums to search for help
  • Wasting hours of my life watching Youtube videos

My endless failures WEREN’T because…

I was too lazy to take care of them.

Or I didn’t spend enough money.

Or even because I never did any research (I bought or borrowed stacks of goldfish books, scoured forums, listened to conference calls.)

There is only ONE reason:


It took years of persistence and hands-on experience to learn the truth for myself – what worked, what didn’t.

Eventually I locked myself away for over 10 years of my life and devoured every piece of goldfish keeping knowledge known to man.

You name it, I read it.

I talked to goldfish specialists, veterinarians and seasoned breeders around the world. I used trial-and-error methods and purchased over 40 goldfish and piles of equipment to test different theories.

I was living, breathing and eating goldfish keeping knowledge every waking hour of my life.

After Over 15 Years in my “Goldfish Cave,” I Emerged Exhausted But Victorious…

…The pieces finally fell into place…

Everything fused together in my mind like a true “Eureka” moment and it HIT me there and then.

What I learned from my years of study was shocking… but the results were in.

Like every great discovery, the findings were so unbelievably simple.

But what surprises me most about all this is that NOBODY is teaching you this stuff!

No pet store workers.

No online “fish gurus.”


Only a small and elite group of people have learned these secrets.

I know them.

My customers know them.

And a few other little-known “goldfish whisperers” out there also know them.

And today you can add your name to that list because…

I’ve poured everything I found into my book, The Truth About Goldfish.

The Truth About Goldfish clears away all of the misinformation.

Everything you need to know about how to care for your goldfish is in that ultimate guide.

It’s all in there – what you need to do, and how to do it.

The best part?

It’s easy as paint-by-numbers.

By now you’re probably wondering:

“If The Truth About Goldfish system is so incredible, why am I revealing it to you in this breakthrough guide?”

There is one important reason:

Because as you might have noticed I love helping people, and I love helping goldfish. It’s how I got to where I am.

Trust me, I am WITH YOU on this.

Nothing could make my day more than to get your email saying your goldfish has made a complete turnaround and is back to its old happy, carefree self.

3 Reasons that Make “The Truth About Goldfish” Better than Any Other Goldfish Guide…

1) It WORKS. I use the exact system outlined in this book with my own fish and have used it to help hundreds of other goldfish owners who keep fancy or slim-bodied goldfish build a thriving tank they can be thrilled with.

2) It’s based on battle-tested, proven strategies learned through trial and error with these fish in real life. Not some uninformed minimum-wage pet store worker regurgitating the totally false myths they were taught to believe.

Most importantly…

3) It’s the most cutting-edge goldfish resource available today, period. Totally free of dangerous outdated information other goldfish books and care guides are chalked full of.


For a limited time, I’m also offering premium one-on-one goldfish counseling when you grab your copy.

Get the guide. Read it. Digest it. And if at any point in time there’s something you don’t understand, you can tap into my wealth of experience and knowledge and ask me for personalized help for your fish.

For a limited time, I’m offering this along with The Truth About Goldfish at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE.

You have the opportunity to become a goldfish expert the FAST way.

See you in a moment, I can’t wait to share this stuff with you. You’re gonna love it.

Oh, before I forget:

When I started keeping goldfish there wasn’t anything like this eBook to help me out…

So I spent thousands of hours and hundreds of dollars (and many sleepless nights and worrisome days) trying to crack the “goldfish code.”

Those were some tough times.

Warning! Your Goldfish Could Be At Risk…

It HURTS to lose your fish.


You actually do get attached to them.

They have personalities.

They swim up to you excitedly to greet you when you walk in the room.

They may even eat out of your hand.

It doesn’t matter if you’re attractive… or if you make a lot of money… or everybody likes you.

They give you their unconditional love – no matter what.

Take it from me:

At first each time I lost a goldfish I would cry my eyes out.   In fact I lost so many fish that eventually the tears were replaced by a sick, sinking feeling that kept me up at night.

All I could do was lie there thinking, “It’s MY FAULT.”

I don’t want anyone to have to go through that, but…

The harsh reality is:

Once your fish is gone, there’s no turning back the clock.  

And then on top of the loss you have to feel the stab of comments like,

“What’s the big deal? It’s just a fish.”


It’s NOT just a fish.  It’s a pet you loved and cared for and depended completely on you for survival.

And you had to stand by and watch them die helplessly, and on top of that you have this huge weight of guilt that there was a way to stop this, but you didn’t know how.

Don’t let this happen to you.

But hey, you can choose to walk away…

To make lots of expensive, painful, time-consuming mistakes…

And do this all on your own.

It’s your choice.


You can get this simple guide right now and immediately have the answers at your fingertips that will help you finally break through the chains keeping you back from true goldfish success.


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