The perfect aquarium starter kit will give your fish a safe, attractive home…

… All while being beginner-friendly.

The best part?

You’ll also get a better deal than buying everything separately.

With that in mind, here are our top picks.

Enjoy 🙂

Best Starter Fish Tank Kits on the Market


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Why We Love it:

  • Fantastic value for the cost

  • Not too large and not too small

  • Beautiful design, includes light & filter

Meet the elegant Aqueon Minibow, the perfect starter fish tank kit. It features a graceful bow front that subtly magnifies the view of the fish and plants inside, as well as an elevated (and removable) pedestal base. The tank is cast of one solid piece for a seamless and leak-proof design. Comes with a hood that holds the LED light and feeding hole as well as Aqueon QuietFlow filtration. Available in white or black and comes in a variety of sizes to suit your needs:

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Why We Love it:

  • Multiple sizes – 5, 10 and 20 gallons

  • Great for housing more or larger fish

  • Great value for everything included

Marina’s high quality kits comes with all the basics you need to set up and get started as a first time fishkeeper – and at a reasonable price point.  Included are the filter, energy efficient LED light, hood, water conditioner, biological bacteria supplement, fish net and even fish food. Sharp design outlined by black silicone. Fast, easy setup to get started quickly!

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Why We Love it:

  • Clear half moon design fits almost anywhere

  • Budget friendly – includes lid, LED light and Tetra 3i filter

  • Manageable for the first-time fishkeeper

For a basic, affordable starter kit that isn’t too small but fits nicely in a limited space, the Tetra LED half moon fits the bill! This unobtrusive 3 gallon fish tank comes with a lid (with a feeding opening) to prevent jumpers and evaporation, Tetra Whisper 3i power filter and LED light and sits on an elevated pedestal base. Curved corners add a special touch to the appeal of this tank.

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Why We Love it:

  • A specifically designed saltwater aquarium kit

  • Ideal space-saving nano reef setup

  • Perfect for those just getting started in the saltwater hobby

Thinking of setting up a nano reef, or maybe a high end freshwater tank? The Biocube offers customizable built-in spacious back panel filtration with an adjustable return nozzle, as well as a hood that includes powerful LED light that can be used for marine or freshwater setups to get you off to a perfect start. It also features an integrated 24 hour timer with color enhancing settings and a quiet submersible (as well as adjustable) pump. You’re sure to be impressed by the quality of this tank, evidenced by thick glass and a well thought out design that makes fish keeping easier than ever. Available in 2 sizes.

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Why We Love it:

  • Simple & straightforward assembly

  • Quiet filter with cleaning indicator light

  • Includes all the equipment you’ll need

Get a beautiful 10 gallon fish tank set up and running quickly and easily – just add fish, substrate & decor. Good value for everything included – comes with a low profile hood and bright LED light, Aqueon QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter with indicator light, heater, fish food, water conditioner, net and thermometer.

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Why We Love it:

  • Suitable for a larger variety of fish and plants

  • Comes with 4 artificial plants

  • All equipment included

Accelerate your fishkeeping journey by starting off with the Tetra 20 gallon complete aquarium kit! This kit comes packed with a scratch resistant 20 gallon glass fish tank, hood & LED light combo, 4 artificial plants, heater and Whisper filter. Simple, cost efficient setup. There are 4 packages to choose from:

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Why We Love it:

  • Attractive and compact cube style tank

  • Excellent mini-aquarium for the first time fishkeeper

  • Made of sturdy acrylic material

Get a beautiful view of your little underwater world with this clear, strong and lightweight high-quality acrylic fish tank. A compact, cube shaped aquarium that is perfect for just about any living area. Comes complete with filter, filter cartridge, adjustable LED light and pedestal base. Great for a variety of small fish.

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Why We Love it:

  • Larger tank supports more fish

  • Cost-effective package gives you everything you need to get started

  • Durable & well made glass aquarium

Get off to a fantastic start with a complete setup all in one package! This 55 gallon fish tank kit is large enough to support bigger size and/or a greater number of fish, while still remaining manageable for the aquarist. Great value for everything you get, which includes the tank, LED light, heater, filter, water conditioners, net, fish food and digital thermometer – all with easy installation. Measures 48 x 12 x 20 inches. Stand available separately.

Tips for Choosing Your First Aquarium

Let’s face it:

A packaged deal can make everything so much easier when you’re first getting started.

You know everything will fit properly.

You have clear instructions on setting each item up correctly.

And you can also save money by buying everything together vs individually.

So here are a few tips when it comes to picking out the best fit for you:

  • Size: Knowing where you are going to put the tank will help determine how large you can go.
  • Filtration: Ensure your tank has proper filtration for the species you are going to keep. If your kit does not include a filter, you will probably have to purchase one separately. Some also find doubling up on filtration lets them go further between water changes.
  • Material: Fish tanks usually come in either plastic, glass or acrylic. Usually only the small ones are made of plastic. Each material has its own set of pro’s and con’s, but for larger tanks glass or acrylic is the best long-term solution in most cases.

Wrapping it All Up

Starting out in the fishkeeping hobby is so exciting, and what could be better than finding your perfect dream tank in a complete, cost effective setup?

We hope you found something that sparked your imagination 🙂

So what do you think?

What was your first fish tank kit, and how did you like it?

Do you have a favorite on this list?

Share your comment below!

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