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Pure Goldfish is an online resource dedicated to advancing education in the goldfish hobby.  The website was founded and authored by avid goldfish hobbyist and breeder Meredith Clawson (goldfish enthusiast and author of The Truth About Goldfish: Discover the Answers to Goldfish Success which has been recently released as the third edition) in 2011 and has expanded over the years to cover a variety of topics on the care and keeping of these beautiful, fascinating, personality-filled creatures that truly are living works of art!

Meredith has nearly 20 years of hands-on, real life goldfish keeping experience hand has spent countless hours researching, testing and documenting what works and what doesn’t. She has owned over 40 goldfish over the years and currently maintains several aquariums including an aquaponic system, as well as bred, raised and sold fancy goldfish fry. She is especially interested in and blogs about the areas of disease prevention and treatment, balanced ecosystems and longevity maximization techniques for goldfish. She enjoys helping new fishkeepers learn budget friendly, accessible and responsible husbandry methods backed by the most reliable, evidence-based research available today for both fancy and slim-bodied goldfish. Goldfish keeping should be fun, not stressful!

If you are searching for answers to common problems people struggle with, trying to do your research on taking care of your finned friend or simply looking to get inspiration for your aquarium, you’ve come to the right place. By equipping owners with the information they need, we strive to provide useful care tips that help goldfish around the world.

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