rimless aquarium

Want a gorgeous aquascape that showcases your fish and flora to the max?

Rimless aquariums help you achieve just that.

Whether you want an impressive conversational piece in a home or office or just a little slice of nature to help you unwind after a long day…

… A 20 gallon rimless fish tank is an enhancement to any environment.


Today we’re going to look at the top options available to help you find the one that meets your needs.

Let’s get started!

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites

Image Product Details
Our Top Pick
SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium SeaClear Acrylic Aquarium
  • Made of acrylic
  • Shows no front seems
  • Elegant curved corner design
  • Second place
    Landen Low Iron Rimless Aquariums Landen Low Iron Rimless Aquariums
  • Clear low-iron glass
  • High-quality construction
  • Minimalist, contemporary design
  • Third place
    Nuvo Fusion Peninsula PRO All in One Aquarium Nuvo Fusion Peninsula PRO All in One Aquarium
  • Extra thick 6mm glass
  • Made of low-iron glass
  • Built-in side wall filtration system
  • Best 20 Gallon Rimless Aquarium Choices on the Market


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    Why We Love it:

    • Made of acrylic – stronger, lighter and clearer than glass

    • Elegant curved corner design shows no front seems

    • Comes in your choice of clear, black or blue back


    Begin your aquarium design journey with a tank that will showcase your aquatic vision with class and clarity. SeaClear’s high standard of quality is evident by their nearly invisible seams, durable construction and attention to design with every piece. A partial lip around the edge prevents water from spilling during maintenance or if the tank gets bumped. The company backs their products with an extensive warranty so you can feel confident in your decision. This 20 gallon tank is made of crystal clear acrylic and weighs half of what a glass aquarium would of the same size. Safe for both salt and freshwater.

    • Dimensions: 24 x 13 x 16″
    • Weight: 20 pounds
    • Volume: 20 gallons
    • Includes reflector and electrical 15″ light fixture

    Many aquarists find that they prefer to replace the electrical fixture with a different light. The Nicrew ClassicLED would be a good option, especially if you are considering keeping live plants.

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    Why We Love it:

    • Minimalist, contemporary design

    • Made of exceptionally clear low-iron glass for more brilliant colors

    • High-quality construction


    Landen is quickly rising to the top as one of the best rimless aquarium manufacturers in the industry. The high quality craftsmanship is evident in every piece, and is enhanced with the use of low-iron glass (which is much clearer and brighter than standard glass). While their fish tanks do not come in exactly 20 gallons, they are available in the following sizes that may suite your needs just as well:

    17.1 Gallon Dimensions: 23.6″ L × 11.8″ W × 14.2″ H

    25.1 Gallon Dimensions: 23.6″ L × 15.7″ W × 15.7″ H

    Both tanks are the same length, they vary in width and height.

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    Why We Love it:

    • Includes built-in side wall filtration system

    • Made of low-iron glass for the most color vibracy

    • Extra thick 6mm glass


    The rimless Nuvo Fusion Peninsula PRO 20 Gallon gives you a long & low canvas to create your masterpiece aquascape with lots of horizontal swimming room for fish. Suitable for fresh or saltwater! Low-iron glass is ultra thick for maximum durability and exceptionally crafted for a sleek look.  Customizable equipment possibilities. Complete with a leveling mat and built in filtration wall with overflow, micron sock custom caddy, mesh screen cover, magnetic glass cleaner and a 326 gallon per hour pump.

    Dimensions: 30″ X 12″ X 13″

    A fantastic all-in-one solution.

    Why Choose a Rimless Aquarium?

    The answer is pretty clear:

    Rimless aquariums just take your aquarium’s aquascape to the next level.


    Lack of a frame or distracting (may I also add ugly) black trim puts the focus on what’s inside the tank – instead of what’s around it.

    Your fauna and flora seem to “pop” in a new way.

    Love the look of having no rims? You’re not alone…

    The professionals use it.

    From a modern office looking to have a little slice of nature to their clients to completing a kitchen space in a home, aquascaping companies utilize rimless design to show off their work with a clean, high-end style.

    It blends seamlessly with ANY environment.

    Did you know…

    A recent study found that the majority of aquarium enthusiasts prefer a rimless fish tank to one that has trim!

    When I swapped out my standard framed aquarium for one without rims, the difference was incredible.

    Everyone who sees it compliments it!

    My tank went from being something that intruded into the room, to a beautiful focal point and conversation piece.

    There were also a few other tricks I used to elevate it to the next level, such as replacing the standard black light and hood for an open top and a slim-profile light, but I waited until I got a frameless tank as all this would have been like putting a band-aid on a broken arm.

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    Low-Iron Glass Explained

    When it comes to beginning your 20 gallon rimless aquarium search, one term you might run into is “low-iron.”

    If you’re like me, you scratched your head when you first heard that.

    But to put it simply, it just means the glass used is much purer than regular glass, making it clearer to see through and the view of your fish tank even brighter than normal.

    Particles of iron cause normal glass to have a greenish tint that makes it quite a bit darker when viewing the samples side by side.

    Of course:

    If you go with acrylic for the material of choice for your tank, you’ll be getting a much brighter view than with glass as well (source).

    The best part?

    Acrylic is more than 10 times stronger than glass as well.

    Hoods for Rimless Tanks

    To lid, or not to lid?

    That is the question! 😉

    Many aquascapers prefer to remove everything above the tank but the light.


    Several reasons, but the main ones are having an aerial view of the tank, preventing glare from the light reflecting off the top and ease of access.


    Hoods or lids of some kind prevent evaporation, as well as prevent “jumping” fish from escaping out of the tank and becoming carpet jerky.

    Some of my tanks have them, others don’t.

    (But all my tanks are rimless regardless.)

    So if/when I want a lid for whatever reason, I just go get a piece of acrylic or plastic custom cut for the tank size at the local hardware store for not much extra expense.

    It’s a good idea to leave it a little short so you can put your equipment in through the back.

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    Final Thoughts

    It’s so exciting to set up a rimless fish tank (aka an aquatic work of art).

    While they are more pricey than a standard tank with trim, the final results really are worth the money.

    What do you think?

    What’s your favorite kind of fish tank, rimless or not?

    Do you prefer acrylic, regular glass or low iron glass?

    Feel free to leave your comment below.

    Featured image credit: Africa Studio, Shutterstock