I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Rimless aquariums are the ULTIMATE when it comes to a beautiful fish tank.

Whether you love aquascaping and are looking for the perfect showcase or just hate the look of distracting trim…

… There’s one that will meet your needs.

So today I’m bringing you the most stylishly simple, functional 10 gallon rimless fish tanks to help you create your dream aquarium.

Let’s get started!

Best 10 Gallon Rimless Aquarium Options on the Market


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Why We Love it:

  • Durable rimless AND seamless design

  • Ideal aquascaping dimensions with more front-to-back room

  • A more affordable 10 gallon rimless aquarium option


If you are looking for an aquarium that reflects understated elegance, the Penn Plax model is for you. For a seamless design, rounded corners are created by a single piece of glass bent to create the front and sides of the tank. Included is a closed cell foam mat to place the tank on which protects the surface underneath and helps to level the tank. In addition, it comes with a clear removable lid with hinges to prevent water evaporation with space at the back to insert your equipment. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a rimless aquarium of this size and quality for a lower price.

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  • Dimensions: 17.75″ L x 11.75″ W x 12.63″ H
  • Volume: 10 gallons
  • Includes 14 LED light
  • Quiet power internal filtration system
  • Easy-mount, safe and powerful LED light
  • Includes Cascade Internal Filter

As many reviewers concur (me being one of them), the light and filter are best replaced with higher quality equipment (the light is not strong enough to grow any plants), but because the tank itself is more than worth the price the extras included are kind of a bonus. If you don’t like the curved corner look, you might consider turning the aquarium in the opposite direction (so the back panel is up front) as these edges are not curved.

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Why We Love it:

  • Streamlined, modern design

  • Low-iron glass for a clearer view of colors than standard glass

  • High-tech adjustable light and included filter


The dimensions of this contemporary tank are longer and lower than a standard 10 gallon tank, allowing for more horizontal swimming room for the aquarium inhabitants. It comes with a glass lid with clips. The filter and light are not attached so one can be removed and not the other. A 2-stage dimmable LED light allows for adjustable visibility.

Dimensions: 23.6 L x 10.2 W x 10.6 H

All the equipment and accessories this tank comes with is all removable, so if you want to remove the base, customize the filtration to suit your preference, or change the lighting, you have the flexibility you need. Many buyers choose to purchase the tank for the tank only and outfit it as they choose.

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Why We Love it:

  • High quality acrylic (clearer, stronger and lighter weight than glass)

  • Guaranteed leak-proof

  • Elegant, seamless curved corners


One thing that can be an issue with glass aquariums is their prevalent leak problems due to having to seal so many seams (not to mention how fragile they are). Clear-For-Life makes aquariums out of the highest quality finest cell cast acrylic, which makes it almost impossible to have a leak problem. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can rest assured knowing that the manufacturer stands behind their product. This rimless tank has pre-drilled holes for heaters and filter slots, which makes holding equipment in place a breeze.

Dimensions: 20″L x 10″W x 12″H

This tank comes with a removable black hood to prevent evaporation (it is NOT a light fixture). The hood has a detachable plastic cover which can be used instead to prevent evaporation and any damage to the light fixture (will need to be purchased separately).

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Why We Love it:

  • Unique angled top conceals the water line and hides the light fixture

  • Ultramodern design for a home or office desk

  • Comes with a floating base pedestal to elevate the tank


A rimless 10 gallon fish tank with a modern and functional design, this striking tank boasts a black back and polished edges that accentuates the aquascape. The top of this aquarium is actually angled to be higher in the back, which provides space for the included light fixture within while minimizing the waterline (this is a nice benefit if your water quality ever gets a bit tinted or cloudy). It floats on top of a pedestal that raises the tank slightly above the table. It also comes with Aqueon Quiet Flow filtration system.

Dimensions: 18.75 X 10 X 15.75

5. Landen Low Iron Rimless Aquariums

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Why We Love it:

  • Highest quality craftsmanship, handmade

  • High-end design perfect for a premium aquascape

  • Nearly identical to similar tanks of much higher cost


If you don’t have your heart set on 10 gallons exactly, Landen’s line of premium rimless aquariums is worth considering – it is doubtless one of the very nicest on the market at an affordable price. A clean, simple design perfect for showcasing your dream aquascape, this tank is very similar to the ones used by professional aquascapers such as Aquarium Design Group. The final result is sure to be stunning! This tank comes with a black nano foam leveling mat.

Available Sizes:

Advantages of a Rimless Aquarium over a Framed One

Obviously it all boils down to aesthetics.


Traditional frames (in my humble opinion) are dated, distracting and… well, downrightugly.

And I’m not alone on that.

Apparently 50-70% of aquarium hobbyists prefer rimless! (source).

After all:

Bracing was a must for glass tanks pieced together with silicone before rimless aquarium styles were created.

It wasn’t until nominal aquascapers like Amano took the leap of showcasing their designs “without borders” that market demand increased.

The results?

Look absolutely BEAUTIFUL.

Plants and fish suddenly have as much focus on them as possible.

The clean, simple design works well in almost any environment – from a modern office desk to a classic kitchen counter top.

It allows a simple, unobtrusive view into your underwater world that compliments your surroundings rather than distracts from them.

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What is Low-Iron?

Some 10 gallon rimless fish tanks tout the fact that they use low-iron glass for their aquariums.

What exactly does that mean?

It’s pretty straightforward:

Iron causes glass to have a greenish hue that darkens the visibility of the tank.

But the more pure the glass, the brighter and clearer it will look.

Good news:

Most rimless fish tank manufacturers use purer glass than standard ones.

But when they specifically say it’s low-iron, you know you are going to have much brighter, lighter glass.

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Can’t I Just Remove the Plastic Trim from My Existing Tank?

While some aquarists have attempted to remove the black trim from their existing tank, this is not recommended for a couple of reasons.


The glass at the top is not sanded and can be dangerously sharp.

Not only that, but the aquarium is not designed to function without that brace and may not be able to hold the weight of the water over time.

Meaning, you could endanger your fish with an unexpected explosion.

So even though it might cost more to upgrade, if you want a 10 rimless aquarium the best and safest option is to purchase a reliable brand specifically designed to hold the weight of the water without a brace.

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It’s hard to go wrong with any of these gorgeous rimless tanks.

What do you think?

Do you have a favorite brand for your aquarium?

Please feel free to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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