You Won’t Believe the Lifespan of a Goldfish!

It makes me mad whenever I hear this:

“Yeah, we tried keeping a goldfish once. But of course, it didn’t live more than a few weeks.”

While it’s true that goldfish do have a reputation for being short-lived pets…

… do they deserve it? 

No way!

In this article I’m going to blow your mind about how long a goldfish can live – and the REAL […]

“3-Second Goldfish Memory” Myth You Believed is Totally Busted


Has anyone ever insultingly told you that you have the memory of a goldfish?

I hope you thanked them for the complement.


There’s this silly notion floating around that goldfish are creatures of very little brain power – they don’t ever get bored because every three seconds they forget everything and they aren’t […]

Goldfish Tank Mates… or Tank Terrors?

There’s one thing that’s true about us goldfish folks:

We love ourselves some FISH!

It may be because we might have a suspicion that our goldfish is lonely and wants a friend, or simply because we want to add some interest to our tank by adding another species into the mix.

So I can’t count how many times I’ve heard:

“What fish can […]

Outstanding Oranda Goldfish: 35 Care Tips + Useful Facts


Of all the different varieties of goldfish, this has GOT to be a favorite.

And for good reason…

What’s not to love about that adorable face?

Orandas are a classic “water puppy,” and today we’re going to learn what makes this breed special (and there’s many reasons why)!

Ready to be blown away?

It’s time to […]

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