Outstanding Oranda Goldfish: 35 Care Tips + Useful Facts


Of all the different varieties of goldfish, this has GOT to be a favorite.

And for good reason…

What’s not to love about that adorable face?

Orandas are a classic “water puppy,” and today we’re going to learn what makes this breed special (and there’s many reasons why)!

Ready to be blown away?

It’s time to […]

150+ Amazing Goldfish Names for You to Steal

Today is a very special day.

I want to congratulate you on getting a new finned friend!

You have now entered the “honeymoon stage” of your goldfish relationship and are probably spending quite a few minutes gazing in adoration at your new pet.

What beautiful fins! What exquisite scales! And just look at that sweet little face!

But there is a question weighing […]

Fantastic Fantail Goldfish: 35 Care Tips + Useful Facts

fantailgoldfish Are you a member of the “Fantail Fan Club?”

Sorry, I couldn’t resist 😉

If you are back from a recent trip to the pet store…

… Or have had one for a while now…

Or maybe just want to know more about that fascinating, shiny-scaled creature gliding gracefully through the water…

You’ve come to […]

50+ Fascinating Facts About Goldfish


How’d you like to like to see my secret stash of mind-blowing facts about goldfish?

Well consider yourself very lucky…

… because today I’m going to pull back the curtain and share the absolute BEST ones with you.

Warning: You are not going to find anything about genetics (blah) or species history (yawn) here.

I’m […]

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